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The Barbarian to go into the Barbarian O

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# 18.01.2018 - 08:31:48

Here comes the hot summer. And that means we can enjoy the OSRS Midsummer event 2017 immediately. At the same time, you can choose to break the vials automatically when buying potions in the new OSRS patch notes. All the new details are listed below. In addition, you can enjoy them much better after you buy OSRS gold.2017 Midsummer Event from June 30The Midsummer Event returns on Friday June 30, 2017, in which you can help Hotpheex in Taverley to protect nature from evil corrupting spirits again.

Every day during the event you will receive a cryptic clue and a Disc of Returning to begin your day, and the reward for the competition of the task every day is a half wine. Please remember the riddle on June 30: wearing the real about granite super poisoned love, whose answer is Leather Gloves.

What’s more, in addition to those previous rewards - Druidic Wreath, Mask of Balance, Hornwood Helm, this year there is a new reward: Hand fan to keep you cool, which needs you to complete the Midsummer Ritual three times during the event. That means it requires a minimum of three days to obtain and the quickest date to receive it is July 2. And please note that you can reclaim these items from Diango or a POH Toybox if you lose them.

The new choice to auto-smash vialsAfter you complete the miniquest - Alfred Grimhand Barcrawl, you can find the Barbarian Guard by the gate of the Barbarian to go into the Barbarian Outpost. At the same time you are offered a choice to toggle the automatic breaking of vials after buying potions.You must be unable to wait a little longer to join in the new updates, and just remember to buy OSRS gold enough before that.The mmogo Team Have You Got First Inferno Pet & Obsidian Platelegs?

RuneScape gold Trader - RS Gold (OSRS, RuneScape 07, RS3) | MMOgo - https://www.mmogo.com/Runescape/Gold.html

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