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strengthen cooperation

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<p>The first is to strengthen cooperation with INBAR and strengthen links with organizations such as the Bamboo and Rattan Network Center and foreign bamboo associations, and promote bamboo prefab wooden gates font decking material exchanges and cooperation between bamboo research institutes, bamboo processing companies, and related institutions and enterprises in developed countries. We will actively promote innovation in the bamboo industry and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of bamboo industry.</p> <p> The second is to speed up the construction of the "Bamboo Research and Engineering Center." With the Bamboo Research and Engineering Center as the basic platform, international scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation will be intensified. Through the introduction and hiring of price for linear footage and fencing panels domestic and overseas outstanding bamboo industry experts to participate in the settlement of the bamboo processing industry, the public Technology and key technologies have focused on conquering some scientific and technological difficulties that have long been disputed and are related to the overall development of the bamboo industry. </p> <p>From many bamboo-character Chinese characters, such as gongs, gongs, gongs, baskets, baskets, gongs, boxes, cages, etc., the intimacy of Chinese and bamboo ware can be seen. However, although the Chinese and bamboo have lived together for thousands of years, we may not really understand it. Into the intimate life of bamboo, we see a familiar and unfamiliar world. When it comes to the usefulness of bamboo, we can list a lot of them, and we wood wall panels importer russia can say a lot about eating, drinking, and living.</p>

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