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For me, happiness has only

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# 17.07.2018 - 02:28:33

For me, happiness has only been an asymptote, and it can be extended infinitely, infinitely close, but never able to meet with it. But because of you [url=www.smokingsalestore.com]Marlboro Gold Pack[/url], let happiness be as real and sensible.u are not smiling first, the lovely look when you are angry, you say with a soft and moving voice: I am your class teacher. "All this left me with an indelible imprint. Even though the smile couldn't be reached, it was so warm. At that moment, I only felt the iceberg melting, and the rising sun rose. restless heart seems to have found a dependable affiliation that gradually falls to normal tempo. At that time, a belief in the mind was more firm: in the future [url=www.smokingsalestore.com]Newport 100S[/url], you must take your class well and study the language step by step. Because of you, let me want to be a better person.
n the days to come, you will take us daily in the ocean of the language [url=www.smokingsalestore.com]Newport Cigarettes Price[/url], indulge in the pool of knowledge, and soar in the sky of literature. You tell us: "Book Mountain has a road to be a path, and there is no way to learn from the sea [url=www.smokingsalestore.com]Parliament Cigarettes[/url]." For this reason, I am studying hard, and you take us to read poetry. "Things are things that are not things, and tears flow first." . The sound is particularly good, just like singing a little Jiangnan minor, but it seems to be telling the grievances of sadness, so that I am always fascinated, as if I am immersed.at is more valuable is that you have taken the fog of my eyes for me and led me to a clear and holy literary hall. I remember that every week, you have to arrange a work for everyone, which makes me a headache. All my writings have been written badly, but because of you, I am eager to write. What is even more unexpected is that I gave you the best in my first assignment, and there is a long comment. The language is very real and touching, and it should be harder. I am excited to find you, and I ask you incredulously, you just smiled awkwardly: "The leaflet composition is very well written. Look at this sentence. 'The heart is like a deer in the heart [url=www.smokingsalestore.com]Cheap Cigarettes[/url].' It��s very lively, continue. Work hard!" After I patted my shoulder, I gave you an almond at the end.ut of the office, I put the almonds in my mouth and slowly chewed them. The sweet taste instantly filled the whole tongue. At that moment, happiness was so real. At that moment, happiness is so real.cause of you, because of the experience of that day, gave me the source of motivation, and also became the most beautiful memory of life.nk you for being there - my teacher!

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