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"Grow up, grow up, my

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"Grow up, grow up, my son grew up." Listening to my mother saying this, I smiled, and my heart was as sweet as eating honey. did my mother say that I grew up? In fact, the reason is on a Sunday morning. morning, my mother and my father are not at home. I think today&#65533;&#65533;s mom and dad are very busy. After going home, they still have to cook and go to work. It&#65533;&#65533;s very hard. I always want to share the housework for them, so I started to cook and do What is the meal?st make rice. I went to get rice. When I just got the rice, I thought: How many meters does this rice make, how much water? I immediately called and asked my mother. My mother told me that it would take five cups of rice to make rice. The water should be thicker than the rice. I need to use warm water. I remember it carefully. Add warm water. After the rice was put into the rice cooker <a href="www.smokingsalestore.com">Newport Cigarettes Coupons</a>, I plugged in the power socket, but after an hour passed, the rice was not cooked. I went to ask the mother again. The mother said, "Is it forgot to keep the indicator light into cooking? "I went to the kitchen to see the indicator light is warm. I used to wait for the hour. I went to adjust the indicator light. After a while, I cooked it. Just when my mother came back, she happily boasted that I grew up <a href="www.smokingsalestore.com">Cigarettes For Sale</a>."On the New Year's Day, my mother sent me an Andersen fairy tale. I am very happy and I have read this book.is great storytist Andersen has written a well-known fairy tale, "The Ugly Duckling." The protagonist of the story, the ugly duckling, was born in a family of ducks. The brothers and sisters are all golden feathers, but it is different. The elders have black feathers, so they are not welcome and very inferior. Later, it grew into a beautiful white swan. If you don't read this story carefully, you will only think that it is an ordinary fairy tale. If you understand it well, you will think that there is a truth in it. The ugly duckling in the fairy tale was ugly by the people of the cycle because of its ugly appearance. But it didn't care <a href="www.smokingsalestore.com">Marlboro Gold</a>, just trying to do things yourself. Slowly it grew up, and by virtue of his own talent, became a beautiful white swan.his story tells us that when a person is in adversity, he can't be depressed, he can't feel inferior, and he has to be brave enough to change his situation. There are also examples of such things around us. When our classmates were in the first grade of primary school, their grades were not very good, and their appearance was not outstanding. They usually did not like talking and were silent. They were ordinary students. However <a href="www.smokingsalestore.com">Carton Of Cigarettes</a>, he never gave up his request <a href="www.smokingsalestore.com">Carton Of Newports</a>, studied hard, and asked shamelessly. When he was in the second grade, he became like a personal one. He suddenly became a leader among the students, and his achievements were among the best. He was praised by all the teachers. In fact, there are many children like ugly ducklings. As long as everyone dares to hone themselves and study hard, they will become a beautiful white swan when they grow up.

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