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FIFA 17 Web App Rewards

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# 01.08.2016 - 08:57:46

First of all let's talk about why is it important to play FUT Web App Early. And, the main reason is Bonus Stuffs and Rewards. Also for the upcoming FIFA 17 series, if you want to

FUT Web App Rewards

Trading and getting coins for in the Web App will be a lot harder as you can't actually play the game. But, there are pack openings and free bonuses which are still pretty much exciting. If you are playing the FUT for the first time, you get tons of new bonuses and offers when you start a new season.

So, What offers are there in FUT Web App?

A Starter Pack

It included a total of thirty four card which are mostly bronze but also contains two silver, three gold and a bunch of collectibles. The cards in this pack will have 45 contracts with each of them so they can pretty much last forever. Card items most probably will be a ball, a stadium, a badge and two kits. You can not trade items from this pack.

Welcome Back Pack(s)

Considering that EA will continue its tradition, we can all expect Welcome Back Pack or Packs. It is rewarded as a loyalty for playing FIFA 16 FUT. You mostly get twelve cards which are all gold. If you get another pack it will contain 4 of each bronze, silver and gold packs with one rare.

Web App Daily Gifts

For a few days after the FUT Web App is released, you will receive Daily for your first month or so. You should access your app at least once a day to make sure you don't miss any free packs. The items in this pack are

Bronze Gift Pack
Silver Gift Pack
Gold Gift Pack
Legends Shot Pack
Ultimate Loan Player Pack
Loan Legend Pack
Loan Messi Pack
Coins Pack
Premium Coins Pack
The daily gift expires everyday 12:00 British Time and then a new gift pack is issued. Don't miss any.

What rewards are you most excited for? Comment below. If you want the first time to learn about the FIFA 17 latest news. Our website

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